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Apollo is a novel information distillation tool for tracking current events and for attaining a reliable situation understanding from noisy social sensing data.

Real-time social networks such as Twitter and Instagram offer an up-to-date window into current events as reported by their participants. Apollo distills large amounts of social media chatter on ongoing events into a smaller amount of high-value content, expressed in the original words and images of its sources, removing noise and clutter. It offers both a real-time situation view, and an archival event analysis capability.

Apollo follows a news-feed model. A user defines their topics of interest, called tasks. Apollo distills social network data to deliver "executive summaries" of these topics. Apollo belongs to a category of tools called fact-finders. It features a maximum-likelihood algorithm that jointly estimates reliability of sources and correctness of their claims. It is the first fact-finder designed and implemented specifically for real-time event tracking.

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